Consumer/Family Satisfaction Reports

BHSSBC is the primary contractor for the Department of Human Services (DHS) HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program. One of DHS’s requirements is for the HealthChoices Program to gather information from consumers, persons in recovery, and families regarding their level of satisfaction with their Managed Care Organization (MCO) and with services and supports received in the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol service system.  BHSSBC has contracted with the Center for Behavioral Health Data Research, Inc. to provide the Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST) service for our counties.

The C/FST is made up of consumers who have received, or are currently receiving services, family members, and persons in recovery. C/FST is a part of a service provided by the Center for Behavioral Health Data Research (CBHDR) in Bedford and Somerset Counties. The C/FST survey process helps to improve services, identify gaps or trends in service provision, identify consumer needs, and provide a voice for the consumer/family perspective.  The C/FST process affords members the opportunity to communicate openly with peers on an on-going basis. All employees of C/FST programs must comply with all state and federal laws, regulations, and rules regarding confidentiality of mental health consumers and recipients of drug and alcohol treatment services.

C/FST Current Calendar Year Reports
July – September 2021 CFST Report
July – September 2021 CFST Public Document

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