Annual Quality Management (QM) Program Evaluation

The Behavioral Health – Managed Care Organization’s (BH-MCO) Quality Management Program systematically monitors and evaluates the quality and safety of clinical care and services by the BH-MCO and its network providers.

Quality of care is defined as the degree to which healthcare services are consistent with current professional knowledge and industry best practices. The Annual QM Program Evaluation evaluates the impact and effectiveness of the BH-MCO’s QM Program activities that occurred during the preceding calendar year.  It includes an analysis of the BH-MCO’s internal QM processes and initiatives, as outlined in the QM Program Description and QM Work Plan.

2020 QM-UM Annual Evaluation
2019 QM-UM Annual Evaluation – Community Care
2019 QI-UM Annual Evaluation – PerformCare
2018 QI UM Annual Program Evaluation
2017 QI UM Annual Program Evaluation
2016 QI UM Annual Program Evaluation
2015 QI UM Annual Program Evaluation
2014 QI/UM Annual Program Evaluation
2013 QI/UM Annual Program Evaluation
2012 QI/UM Annual Program Evaluation
2011 QI/UM Annual Program Evaluation

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