Supplemental Services

Children’s Services Enrolled as Program Exceptions
Drug and Alcohol Intensive Outpatient
Drug and Alcohol Level of Care Assessment
Drug and Alcohol Partial Hospitalization

This service is provided in a providers office, during daytime hours, several days per week.  They include visits to a doctor, counselor, or therapist to help you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Targeted Case Management

A case manager helps individuals to set and reach their goals while assisting them in obtaining services within their community.

This service focuses on rehabilitation to return to everyday life without the use of chemicals.  Structure includes individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy along with education for individuals with a dependency or abuse diagnosis that cannot be managed at a lesser level of care.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services assist individuals 18 years or older with functional impairments resulting from mental illness to develop, enhance, and/or retain psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment, work related skills, and/or independent living competencies so that they experience more success and satisfaction in the environments of their choice and can function as independently as possible.

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